Mosaic stones in garden design – craft ideas and more

 There are so many weekend courses that offer more and more crafts. We pass the notice boards and do not always consider ourselves the intended target group. We are too busy, we always think. Too stressed to have a nice hobby. The truth is that creative activity does us good.

We are all talented in one area or another. If you have not discovered your sense of beauty yet, it's time to finally do it.

Look at what a decent beauty, shards together with old flower pots 

Mosaic itself make garden paths stone flowerpot mosaic stones

These decorative mushrooms will adorn your garden all year long

Mosaic itself make mushrooms garden mosaic stones

Give the everyday objects more uniqueness 

Mosaic itself make garden paths bottle mosaic stones

Even ordinary flower boxes get a charming character

Mosaic itself make garden paths stone flower box mosaic stones

Mosaics themselves make mosaic stones

A little history

In today's material, we have picked out an issue with a long history and tradition that was already well known in antiquity, if not earlier. This is the theme of the refinement through tesserae. In the 21st century, we can most often admire this design technique in bathing establishments and more and more in well-equipped allotments and backyards.

The broken structure of the mosaic offers a unique play of light and colors that pleases our eyes.

The design technique of the mosaic enlivens everyone and refines every interior and exterior

Mosaics themselves make rain-toned mosaic stones

With colored stones you can model any motifs

Mosaic itself make garden paths mosaic stones

With blanks you can achieve great results in the design

Mosaic itself make garden paths cds tesserae

Gardening ideas and more

If you want to have tesserae in the garden, that's a really first-rate choice. The mosaic stones are a perfect complement to the natural beauty of the flowering bushes and flowers, making your garden look like a fairy tale. Whether in the sun or rain, especially when you make the mosaic yourself, change the colorful stones for a while our, otherwise gray reality.

Shards bring luck and happiness should not be thrown away. From broken plates, flower pots, glasses or even unusable DVD blanks you can create fantastic decoration and atmosphere that is absolutely unique.

Walkways made of mosaic stones look magical and playful

Mosaic itself make garden path mosaic stones

Decorating stones with mosaic is rarely seen and gives your garden or yard an artistic touch

Mosaic itself make garden paths stone mosaic stones


There are several things you need before you make a mosaic ornament. Good preparation, planning and material selection will ensure a smooth and productive course.

The ideal accessory would be:

-The object you want to refine

-Porcelain and tiles

-abrasive paper

-wire brush

-box cutter

-safety goggles


-old bath towel

-exchangeable containers

-wooden spoon

-finished cement mixture

-Acrylic mix

-butter knife

-tile cutter

It makes sense to make a plan, sketch or design

Mosaic itself make garden paths mosaic stones

So every beautification will look just like yours

Mosaic itself make steps mosaic stones

Bear in mind that your object to be refined should be stable. Something suitable would be something made of metal, wood, concrete or clay. The decorative mosaic pebbles can be glued to all textures except those made of lightweight plastic. Additional dishes are available at flea markets.

The mosaic pattern has something mysterious and unfinished in it

Mosaic itself make flower mosaic stones

Start best with old flower pots made of clay and draw your own garden art!

Mosaic itself make mosaic stones to plant