Have you seen these Cameron Diaz films?

Do you know the ten best movies with Cameron Diaz?


Are you looking for new ideas for cozy movie nights at home? You also want to make sure that you find something that is really worth the time. Have you watched all the movies with Cameron Diaz? Below is a list of the best films from this actress. Maybe you have not looked at one or the other? Then now could be the perfect matter for it. Here are the ten films with Cameron Diaz, which we think are the most worthwhile! We hope you enjoy watching!

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz

Actress Cameron Diaz films elegant in white

Do you know any Cameron Diaz movies?

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz films

On the red carpet

Actress Cameron Diaz films on the red carpet

Stunning in a sexy red dress

Actress Cameron Diaz films red dress

Last Supper - The Last Supper

The political satire is not very well represented in American film production in recent years. But it has not always been that way, and films like The Executioner's Day prove it. Besides Cameron Diaz, you'll also experience the masterful game of Ron Eldard and Annabeth Gish here. It's about a World Rescue campaign that includes poisoning Conservative guests at dinner as a strategy.

Neither the victims nor the perpetrators are sympathetic. It shows how sometimes similar energetic world rescuers and their counterparts can be like each other.

Cameron Diaz Movies: The Last Supper

Actress Cameron Diaz Filmethe last supper 1999 black and white

3 Angels for Charlie (Original Title: Charlie's Angels)

This is probably one of the most famous movies with Cameron Diaz. It's about a film production based on the movie series that became famous in the 70s. In addition to Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu will participate in this movie. It's an action movie in which Cameron Diaz takes the role of a test pilot. The attractive Kung Fu scenes are combined with humorous and romantic ones. Everything a little more modern and dynamic than the original.

The 3 Fishing - Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu

Cameron Diaz films charlies angels collection

My Best Friend's Wedding

Is there someone who does not know My Best Friend's Wedding? That was an absolute success, after a long period of relatively weak films with Cameran Diaz. The movie has shown her talent for comedy. Here she plays with Julia Roberts, who represents the best friend of her fiancé. The latter is suddenly plagued by fears that she could lose the best man for herself.

Next to Julia Roberts in the movie My Best Friend's Wedding

Cameron Diaz Movies My Best Friends Wedding

In my sister's shoes (original title: In Her Shoes)

Based on the book by Jennifer Weiner, this film is one of the most successful film productions with Cameron Diaz. After a long separation two sisters live together again and they remember very quickly what has kept them apart for so long.

The following scenes are instructive for those who have already stuck in such a situation.

The stars are Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette

Cameron Diaz films in my sister's shoes

Gangs of New York

Do you know this movie with Cameron Diaz? He is by Martin Scorsese and has a historical subject. It shows the drama of the huge battles that were common in nineteenth-century New York. Diaz does not play the lead role, but she proves her talent alongside many well-known actors like DiCaprio, Day-Lewis and Henry Thomas.

Gangs of New York

Cameron Diaz Movies gangs of new york

With her film partner Leonardo Di Caprio

Cameron Diaz films gangs of new york Leonardo Di Caprio

The mask

That was not the biggest and most demanding role of Cameron Diaz. At the same time, this is an unforgettable performance. This is also one of her first films. At the time she was new to the film industry and she did not even speak the pronunciation. But the criticism was so good that this film certainly provided a wonderful basis for her future career.

The Mask (1994) - one of the first films by Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Movies The Mask Cover

Crazy for Mary (There's Something About Mary)

Anyone seriously interested in movies already knew Cameron Diaz very well at the time. But others might have missed this 1998 movie production. It is up to date and funny enough to be watched now. According to many critics, the direction was not so strong and it was above all the performance of Diaz. which makes up the movie. So, in the end, everyone goes crazy about Mary!

Cameron Diaz in the movie comedy Crazy for Mary

Cameron Diaz Movies Crazy for Mary

Shrek - The daring hero 1 and 2

Cameron Diaz was also part of the actor team, which provided by their voices for the great success of the cinema adaptation of the book by William Steig.

Cameron Diaz is the voice behind Princess Fiona and thus had one of the leading roles. We think that there are no two opinions that she could emphasize the depth and drama in the character of the princess by her intonation and grimaces!

In the movie Shrek, Cameron Diaz is the voice behind Princess Fiona

Cameron Diaz Movies Shrek The daring hero

Being John Malkovich

We think this one is the best of all Cameron Diaz's films. She has participated in many dramas and comedies. Being John Malkovich is one of those movies that are virtually incomparable to other movies.

Our favorite: Being John Malkovich

Cameron Diaz Films being John Malkovich 1999

Diaz himself is hardly recognizable. She wears brown hair and has a miserable appearance. She plays the role of the unlucky wife, Lotte, of the equally miserable John Cusack. He's a puppeteer who finds a secret door to the head of John Malkovich. That makes for a big mess in their lives.

Do not you still know all the movies with Cameron Diaz? Then you can choose one for your next movie night?

Another top movie with Cameron Diaz - super cute and super sexy

Cameron Diaz Films The Sweetest Thing 2002