Mini garden pond build – small oases in the garden or on the balcony

garden pond build mini old car tires

How can you build a creative mini garden pond

It's no secret that our life philosophy here on always welcomes and advocates sustainable action and consumption. We have often given you suggestions on how to reuse and reuse used objects.

Today we have some other clever ideas on how to create a little oasis on your own balcony or in the garden. Ever wanted to have a garden pond? But you have no room for it. This must not stop you from realizing the idea. Even smaller garden ponds have their charm and will give you a great pleasure. Design your own mini garden pond yourself. Many containers are suitable for this, such as old bathtubs, ceramic pots, tin containers and wooden beer or wine barrels. All you need is the right aquatic plants, soil, pebbles and larger stones, small pots and soil.

Mini garden ponds made of sheet metal are available in many garden shops

garden pond build mini sheet metal pool

We especially recommend two of the aquatic plant species. The free-swimming aquatic plants (pleustophytes) and those that adhere to or in the soil (hydrophytes). The free-swimming plants divide into those that swim underwater, such as many water hoses (Utricularia) and those that remain on the surface. The free-swimming on the surface are the water hyacinth, the swimming ferns, and most duckweed.

The second group of suitable aquatic plants is divided into those that live entirely under water, such as the basal nettle, many lightweeds, seagrass plants, water feathers, water plague and moth plants. Others who partly assimilate above the water are the so-called floating leaf plants such as lotus plants, sea teapot, water lily plants and arrowhead.

Ceramic pots can be found in different shapes and colors

garden pond build mini delicate flowers lotus

It is important to remember that the minimum depth of the vessel should be 10 cm, which is absolutely necessary for the growth of most aquatic plants. Choose the best spot for your mini garden pond. Secure about 6 hours of sunlight a day. Shady areas are not suitable for the destination. The ideal water for the pond would be soft rainwater. Of course, tap water can also be used without hesitation if it has a pH of about 6-6.5. It would be even better if you leave the water over the night before you put the plants in it. Use pebbles to place under and on the potting soil. You will also find larger stones if you want to arrange the pond in stages.

Use all your imagination and create your very own mini garden pond. You may also find other original items that are suitable as a water container. Have fun crafting!

Mystic purple water lilies in the garden pond

garden pond build mini water lily lotus

Old ceramic pots become dreamlike mini-oases

garden pond build mini ceramic flower pot cobalt blue

Round pond from old car tires

garden pond build mini old car tires

If desired, you can even breed small fish

garden pond build miniature algae fish

Create a modest Zen corner on the balcony

garden pond build miniature bamboo water lilies

Large variety of plants on a small area

garden pond build miniature ceramic round

Not only the vintage bathtub, but also the shower can get a second chance

garden pond build mini bathtub shower

Water plants with delicate flowers

garden pond build yellow flowers ceramic

Build the mini-pond from old wooden planks

garden pond build mini wooden planks water lilies fish

In the wine barrel you should best fool a plastic container

garden pond build mini wine barrel wood plastic flower pot

In this way you can reach the desired height of the plants

garden pond build mini wooden barrel stones

Cute bamboo fountain

garden pond build mini ceramic flower tub

Mini garden pond in Japanese style

garden pond build mini ceramic planter

Plant duckweed or water ferns

garden pond build ceramic flower pot

Beautify the pond with porcelain figurines

garden pond build mini ceramic fish figure

Decide on the right vessel

garden pond build mini planter wooden sheet metal

Subtropical garden with mini pond

garden pond build mini round water lilies

Delicate water lilies in a ceramic planter

garden pond build mini water lily ceramic pot

You can even place the mini-pond on the side table

garden pond build mini water lily plants ceramic

Get dainty water plants

garden pond build round container ceramic

Partial shade would be an alternative in the hot summer

garden pond build mini aquatic plants lilies