Henna pattern – tradition, meaning, fashion trend

henna pattern hand decoration traditional indian

Gorgeous henna pattern - tradition meets modernity

Would you like to change something in your outfit? Maybe lately you often think of a tattoo. But you do not dare to wear something permanent on your skin? Then there is a perfect alternative for you - henna pattern. The henna art comes from the Arab and Indian tradition.

There the hands and feet of women are decorated with henna, for various festive occasions such as. Births, weddings and circumcisions. Very important here are the actual patterns. They not only serve as jewelry, but have very special meaning. They bring luck, fertility, long life or protect against "the evil eye".

Filigree, geometric henna pattern

henna pattern finger decoration vintage

The most beautiful of the henna patterns are the Indian ones. They are very delicate and detailed. One often sees floral patterns, payslies, peacocks, the god of fortune Ganesh, as well as the bride and the groom. The wedding hand decoration in India is very intense and almost complete. It resembles a lace fabric. The patterns are usually compact, but also very flowing. They range from fingertips to elbows.

The henna pattern in India is called Mehndi's after the name of the wedding ceremony - "Mehndi Raat". The intensity of the color of the Mehndi also has a meaning. In some regions it is said that the stronger the color of the henna pattern, the more intense and deeper the love of the couple will be.

Masterful, floral pattern

henna pattern hand decoration roses tendrils pink nail polish

Meaning of the most common motifs:

Peacock - Beauty

Swan - success

Flowers - joy, happiness

Birds - connection between heaven and earth

Traditional art reinterpreted

henna pattern finger hands designs

Butterfly - transformation, evolution of the soul

Paysley - fertility, luck

Lotus flower - purity, creativity, sensitivity

Tendrils, leaves - long life, dedication, energy

Nowadays, this old tradition is gaining popularity. The multicultural atmosphere of the cities, as well as the increased mobility of people and sophisticated communication technologies, make many traditions widely used and modernized. Just like the henna art. Also be a proud part of this process and beautify your hands, feet or back with traditional or modern henna patterns. After all, these are just short-term skin decorations that you do not have to wear forever. Have fun choosing the pattern!

Peacock pattern and stylized suns

henna pattern feet decoration tattoo

Ancient and modern at the same time

henna pattern hands decoration tendril indian

Refined henna art

henna pattern whole hand decoration tattoo

Girlish with gold shine

henna pattern hand decoration flowers indian

Mysticism from the Orient

henna pattern hands decoration indian oriental

Fairytale and delicate

henna pattern hand decoration forehead indian

Simple and playful

henna pattern hand decoration geometric

Flowers and snow crystals decorated with rhinestones

henna pattern fingers hands snow crystals glittering stones

Creative henna painting

henna pattern hands deco symmetrical sun

Orient meets gothic

henna pattern hand decoration tendril pattern chain

Gorgeous henna idea for the summer

henna pattern hand decoration back tattoo