The wall design – ideas for a beautiful wall design

wall design dark green wall paint green sofa plant

This is how you choose the right shades for your wall design

You intend to cancel your apartment soon? When was the last line here? Do you still remember that? Surely you had to think of so many things, like furniture, curtains and light, etc. Everything has to be thought out very well, because ultimately, you make a choice that will determine the mood of your home for a very long time.

Even specialists have a hard time each time it comes to a new project. So, everyone needs some help to keep their priorities in mind.

Gentle wall design in the luxurious bedroom

wall design bedroom luxurious interior gentle wall paint

Fresh dining room in light shades

wall ideas elegant wall design dining room

Think of the emotions that all colors bring!

We have to do a lot of work in a stressful and stressful everyday life. We all feel the need to come back to an apartment that feels like a real home, right? The colors are fundamental in this regard. Before you read any studies on the psychology of colors, you should first consider what fits your human nature. Of course, do not forget the wishes of other people and roommates. Then compare that feeling with the typical emotions that nuances bring. The ideal compromise would also be the most appropriate choice in your wall design.

Rosan nuances for a feminine appearance

wall design ideas bedroom female designr osa wall paint

Emotions and colors

It should not be forgotten that the effect of any color brings with it different emotions. These are partly individual, but there are also some general trends. Below you can see the main tendencies for what message the wall design carries by choosing one or the other color.

- Blue makes you feel relaxed; The feeling can be compared to the view of a sea and the sky;

Light blue for the bedroom walls

wall design ideas bedroom wall design light blue

Blue walls and white furnishings combine

wall design blue wan color boy room white interior

- Cream is a gentle color; If you chose your wall ideas for that color, you would express love, care, and absolute devotion;

Small living room, which is still very fresh

wall design living room wall design cream fresh

- Gray is strict, yet at the same time decided and masculine; The apartment will also look a bit official and business-like. For a workroom, this choice is very appropriate.

Gray walls and dark blue sofa combine

wall design ideas gray living room blue sofa

- yellow is sunny and warm; Such a wall design ensures that you always have something of the summer and its warmth at home;

Wooden floor and yellow walls correspond well with each other

wall ideas bedroom walls fashion yellow flowers

Highlight the light yellow wall color with darker curtains

wall ideas living room wall design cream fireplace throw pillow

- Green is the nuance of nature and the growing new life; You will be able to recover very quickly from the fatigue and exhaustion.

Create a fresh bedroom design

wall ideas bedroom wall design light green fresh gently

- By Beige you behave neutral; This nuance is suitable for people who have a strong need for security.

Beige stands nicely on the living room walls

wall design living room cream wall paint plants

- Purple is associated with the spring and the beauty of the flowers. But one associates thus also the power and the control.

Paint the wall behind the bed in the bedroom in deep purple

wall ideas bedroom purple hearth plant

Mild shades in light pink

wall ideas bedroom purple pastel shades stylish

- Wall ideas with red are very brave; Because with it you bring out the power of fire, passion and strong emotions; If not as main nuances, then you should consider red as an accent;

The red accent wall gives the living room a special, attractive look

wall ideas small living room red wall paint white felled carpet

Do not be in a hurry to apply the paint

Do not use any color until you are absolutely sure what effect you want to achieve in the home. Should it be fresh or rather dominant? Should the color be the main message or more a background for other great wall ideas?

Spice up the white ambience with colorful decorations

wall design ideas simple white walls

Wall ideas for gloomy spaces

Your choice must also be adjusted to the amount of light that flows into the room. Many people choose wall ideas in dark rooms for very bright nuances. They hope to make everything appear brighter and more radiant. There are also many other refreshing nuances. Sometimes, like a painter, it helps to add a bit of a nuance, to move away and to let the whole thing take its toll on you. Also, be warned that most colors on the wall look darker than the patterns.

Yellow walls, leather sofa and stone wall combine beautifully in this living room

wall ideas living room plant leather sofas

Red and blue create a wonderful contrast in the room

wall ideas living room red wall paint dark blue carpet

The light is important

Here we do not mean the fact of whether a room is flooded with light or not. It's about the way the sun's rays fall. This also depends on the effect of the objects placed inside. Here we also want to point out that there are paints and coatings that could provide a mirror effect. These could visually expand the space. Important condition is that the wall is absolutely smooth. With smooth colors and finishes, you can see even the smallest defects.

Red accent wall in the living room

wall ideas living room red accent wall white sofa

Light blue wall and brick wall in beautiful combination with each other

wall design light blue brick wall bedroom set up

Dark walls are elegant

wall design ideas black wall paint attractive wooden floor

For the nursery one often chooses light pink when it comes to a girl's room

wall ideas nursery walls fashion light pink white furnishings