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Suggestions for plant care


Have you ever brought a plant to a bad end? Do not take that as a reproach! This has happened to me several times. Also with air plants. Although these are actually easy to maintain, they can also be accommodated. Maybe it's partly because we think they can not break.

So we quickly forget to pour them.

But if we are the rule of Plant care learn, then we help them to survive and to grow big.

Take care of your plants

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So how can you keep air plants in good health? They must thrive in a wide area without direct sunlight and must be submerged in water from time to time. Is it light? More or less ... Read on to find out more details!

Beautiful plants as decoration

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Take care of the air plants

At this point, I would like to emphasize that almost all the aerial plants that were displayed in today's article can be found at Etsy Shop. Yes, that's certainly a good place to buy aerial plants. You can also buy them in nurseries, garden centers and sometimes even in the flower department of your local grocery store.

Air plants as a table decoration

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One of the most common misconceptions is that these types of plants extract all the necessary substances from the air. Actually they need water! Here is the most striking sign that they lack this: The leaves begin to curl up. And another important rule is: Water the plants by immersing them in a sink, bowl or other type of container.

Plant care with water

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Is your ambience somewhere in a dry place? You can water 2 to 3 times a week to ensure optimal care. The humid atmosphere offers you more leeway. Dipping the plant for 15 to 20 minutes is very helpful. You can also refresh them thanks to a spray bottle between the waterings. [Image of Lifestyle and Design Online]

Let it dry on a cloth

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Before bringing the aerial plant back into the corner, it should be left to dry in a well-ventilated area. This can be done on a matching surface or on a cloth. Some experts recommend that the plant stays for a few hours. This will guard them from water accumulation in the bulbous areas and avoid rotting.

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That seems to be enough, right? But when it comes to air plants, you will find an infinite amount of information on the Internet. Some recommend rinsing the plants under running water and others - soaking. If you opt for the second alternative, you should expect 20 to 30 minutes.

So how do you know what's right for the plant? In the next part of the article we also have to talk about it.

Beautiful hanging aerial plants

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Take care of your plants

Do you remember what we said earlier, that rolled leaves indicate dehydration? Actually, it's really worth noting how much you can find out about your plant by observation alone.

Most air plants are found in containers and not in pots. You can take them out without much stress. You can easily take them aside and make sure that everything is OK. There is nothing to stop it from happening on a regular basis.

Geometric glass terrarium

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As mentioned before, there are general guidelines for plant care. But you must not confuse these with a magic formula. Often you have to put on principle "trial and error". One or two of them behave remarkably well, and others begin to rot.

Some may also prove to be more resilient than others. Watch and learn!

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Furthermore, one can say the following: if the air plants do not grow as well as expected, this may also be due to lack of light. Another explanation would be the too low temperature at which they develop.

Air plants can survive outdoors. Remember that direct light is best for you and that the best temperature is between 10 and 30 degrees.

Colored beauty

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Do not be afraid to take care of your tree garden. This includes removing the dead leaves and cutting off the dead plant ends. By the right plant care you achieve good health for your plants.