Decorative craft ideas – Create a charming mini garden

deco ideas mini garden design gnome plants

Decorative craft ideas - Why not put on a mini garden?

You can decorate the indoor and outdoor area in any way. But if you are a fan of original DIY decoration ideas and original Decoration craft ideas what do you say about a mini garden?

These miniatures have something unique about them, which makes them interesting decoration both for the living room, as well as for the terrace. Because they just bring a breath of fresh air! We've been trying to collect an exciting picture gallery of cute mini gardens that inspires you to get down to business, to make a unique home decor. A fun experience is guaranteed here!

Design the mini garden after the model of your own garden design

deco craft ideas mini garden armchair lamp bunny wheel stones

A few stones and unusual plant containers combine

deco craft ideas mini garden impressive plant container

To design a beautiful garden path and interesting house facade

deco ideas mini garden garden path cottage

Pergola and garden furniture

decoration bastelideren mini garden garden furniture

Have you always dreamed of owning your own garden? But you may not have any space for it? Do not worry, because even in this case you can enjoy a garden, but on much smaller scales. It's about the mini garden! Creating a beautiful mini garden is not difficult! First, you need a suitable vessel. Transform a bowl or a flower pot into a scene of your artistic features. Old flower pots that you have accidentally broken are also quite suitable for the purpose. Your mini garden will look even more original!

Design the mini garden with a garden fountain

deco craft ideas mini garden fountain

Shape adorable garden path

deco craft ideas mini garden figures plant

The mini garden is surrounded by a white garden fence

decorate craft ideas mini garden decorate

All you have to consider is the height and size of the vessel. The plants you choose should have enough space to grow. Do not miss to water them regularly. They take care of a real garden! No water should accumulate in the vessel! Avoid this by providing one or more drainage holes in the vessel. The height of the pressure layer also plays a role.

Mini garden with garden accessories

deco ideas diy ideas mini garden wood furniture plants sand

Funny mini garden

Deco Ideas Mini Garden DIY Creative Beautiful

Cute mini garden with garden fence and birdhouse

deco ideas mini garden creative craft ideas

A little fairy will enchant the mini ridge

deco ideas original mini garden garden fence

Creative idea from two flowerpots

deco ideas mini garden flower pot cacti small house

Making and decorating the tiny garden is up to you. Combine plants and figures so that they form a harmonious whole that you are proud of! Think about where you place the garden furniture and accessories. Just be creative!

Mini gardens can also be fancy

deco craft ideas mini garden elegant garden design

White stones and garden bench

deco ideas creative craft ideas mini garden pergola

A view from above

deco craft ideas mini garden create creative

Relaxation oasis in mini variant

decoration craft ideas mini garden stones plants garden furniture

A cottage in the woods

deco craft ideas mini garden broken flowerpot house

Mini garden with plants and vegetables

deco crafting ideas to create a beautiful mini garden

Framing a mini garden with stones

deco ideas mini garden stones aviary

Cacti and small trees

deco ideas beautiful mini garden cacti chair small tree

Create an adorable little world

Decorating ideas-mini-garden-gnomen-birds-plant White Fence

Turn the broken flower pot into a beautiful and original mini garden

deco ideas mini garden cacti shattered flower pot