Easy-care indoor plant – the elephant foot as a cool green decoration

easy-care indoor plant elephant foot potted plants green living

The elephant's foot is a low-maintenance houseplant. Did you know that?

Do you want to decorate your apartment nicely? We are experts in it. Trust us and follow the new trends. Everything concerning the term "sustainable" is very much in vogue. In this regard, we suggest you set up your home "green."

By this we mean to create a living atmosphere through indoor plants. How do you like this decoration idea?

 Indoor plants will decorate and invigorate your home cool

bottle tree easy-care indoor plant elephant foot plant

If you are a beginner and have not had potted plants so far, do not worry. Take your first steps with easy-care indoor plants, such as the elephant's foot.

Why did we choose exactly this plant species? The elephant foot or still called bottle tree really does not need any great care and it also represents a great eye-catcher in the room. Already something for you, right?

The bottle tree is one of the most practical indoor plants

bottle tree easy-care plants palm trees for the room

Interesting facts about the elephant foot:

Surname: Elephant foot, bottle tree, water palm, monkey tree, Beaucarnea recurvata

The elephant's foot is an agave plant and is one of the succulents.

Homeland: Texas, Mexico

Height: outdoors up to several meters; as a houseplant - about 1 meter (80-150cm)

Light: sunny location, in the summertime also in the open air

However, a newly purchased elephant foot should never be exposed to direct sunlight. A settling in phase of 2-3 weeks is recommended, so that a sunburn of the leaves is avoided.

Water needs: not much water, much like cacti

The bottle tree needs relatively more water in the summer than in the winter time. Wet the soil once or twice a week and let it dry out. In winter, make sure that the root ball does not dry out completely. In this period (October-March) the plant is served by its water reserves down in its swollen trunk.

How to care for a water palm properly?

easy-care plants bottle tree potted plants agave greenhouse

Fertilize: only in summer and mainly during the growth phase. Use green plant fertilizer or liquid fertilizer and completely stop fertilizing during winter time.

Earth: loose growing medium that is water permeable; e.g. a mixture of loam, calcareous clay and sharp sand

repotting: every 4 - 5 years, directly after the rest period (end of February - middle of March)

The elephant foot as a houseplant

easy-care indoor plant elephant foot plant green decoration ideas

The bottle tree grows slowly and often gets quite old

easy-care indoor plant elephant foot bottle tree

A water palm, which has no relation to the palm family

gardening ideas elephant foot potted plants

 Elephant foot as a potted plant

easy-care indoor plant elephant foot plant potted plants

... or as a garden plant, planted in a large beautiful tub

easy-care indoor plant bottle tree potted plants agave greenhouse

Decorate your apartment with green houseplants!

easy-care indoor plant bottle-tree potted plants

Young plants for repotting

easy-care potted plants agave greenhouse bottle tree palms for the room

Surrounded by other succulents

easy-care indoor plant elephant foot potted plants agave greenhouse

Big elephant foot in the garden during summertime

garden plants ideas elephant foot green living

Find a bright place for your bottle tree

easy-care indoor plant elephant foot potted plants bottle tree

The result of your long-term care can also look like this

design garden plants ideas elephant foot plant garden