Make picture frames: 5 creative DIY ideas for picture frames

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How can you make creative picture frames?


Picture frames are a great invention: not only can we keep memories of unique moments with our loved ones, but they also make beautiful our own four walls at the same time. Standard frames from the internet can even be designed individually with a little effort and a little creativity.

In this way, you can give a room a very special atmosphere and that certain something. And if that's not enough for you, then it's best to make your own picture frames yourself. How to do that, we'll show you here.

Customize picture frames with self-adhesive foil

Make picture frames Make picture frames with foil

To customize a picture frame with foil, you only need a standard frame made of plastic in the desired size (for example, at, foil with your favorite motif and a pair of scissors. A bit of skill and patience are not bad, because the film should be cut exactly, so that everything looks clean and fits in the end. When selecting the frame, make sure that it is made of plastic and not of wood, as otherwise the self-adhesive film will peel off fairly quickly. For example, if you use transparencies, you can use a wood-effect plastic frame because the translucent grain looks particularly beautiful.

Make pin board from picture frame and fabric

Make picture frames Make pin board out of picture frames and fabric

Picture frames make wooden applications on pin board from picture frames

To make a pinboard with a picture frame, first apply a thin layer of cork to the front of the back wall of the frame so that the photos can later be attached with small pinboard pins. The back wall with cork can then be covered with fabric, so that the pinboard fits even better to the remaining colors of the room. Now you can stick patterns of different ribbon on it as you like, so that the whole thing looks a little prettier. However, if you use a very colorful patterned fabric, you can also omit the ribbon so that the pinboard does not seem too cluttered at the end.

If, for example, you make the pin board for a children's room, you can also set accents on the frame with small wooden appliqués, such as small owls. When everything is done, both important notes and your favorite pictures will have a worthy new place.

Create memo board with picture frame and wire

Picture frames make memo board from picture frame and wire

A slightly different kind of pin board can be easily tinkered by attaching as many strings of craft wire to the ends of a picture frame with small nails. Choose a special frame, for example, a wooden picture frame in vintage look. So that the nails on the sides of the frame at the end are no longer visible, just tie small loops of natural bast or silk ribbon around it. With small wooden clamps, all notes or photos can be attached here as well.

Make a key board with a picture frame

Tinker picture frames Make keyboards with picture frames yourself

Picture frames do not always have to be used to store and present photos. If you take out the back wall and screw small hooks into the wood on one side of the frame, a picture frame can be wonderfully transformed into a key board for the whole family. If you put a string under it from ribbon, you can even attach small notes to it. No one ever forgets to buy a grocery list anymore. After all, most people do not go outside without passing the key board and taking their apartment key with them.

Make picture frames from natural wood yourself

Make picture frames Make picture frames from natural wood yourself

If the previous ideas for picture frames were not yet individual enough for you, then you can simply craft your frames yourself. For example, this is quite simple with a bit of natural wood, a little thin ribbon and natural bast for decoration. The wood does not have to be bought, but you can easily collect it yourself during a walk. Incidentally, driftwood, which is washed up by the current at the edge of most rivers, is very well suited. To fix the bands, just drill small holes at the ends of the pieces of wood. For this purpose, a special wood drill should be used if possible, otherwise the driftwood splinters very easily or even breaks, as it is very soft. When everything is ready, you can attach your favorite photos with small wooden clips.