Color Chart Wall Color – Choose the right shades

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Color Board Wall Paint - Paint your walls colorfully

Have you looked at our ideas and inspiring wall paint examples? Each of them has a special energy that best suits a particular room. According to the picture below, warm colors like yellow and red belong in the kitchen and in the dining room. It is no secret that these promote digestion, which explains their use in these areas.

Rosa is intuitively associated with a girl's room. She can create an intimate and romantic atmosphere in the master bedroom. But if you want to relax and rest in the bedroom, put on the green as the most appropriate wall color. Another relaxing and currently very modern shade is the purple. This is great for your living room. And the blue color palette promotes your creativity and productivity in the study.

The importance of colors and their use as wall paints in different rooms

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Color your walls and have fun! The above-mentioned example discloses only one of the basic rules in wall design with colors. Of course you can also follow the same logic or express your inner feeling. Use your favorite colors and enjoy their power.

Which shades would you like to use as wall paints?

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Get a color pen and determine the color palette that you would like to create. The color chart will help you to choose the right color nuances. If you have the wall paints in your hand, you can imagine the end effect much easier. Now you can answer some important questions: Does the new wall color match the curtain color? Can these be combined with the furniture? Do you want a lighter or a darker shade? Compare the color nuances that are shortlisted and make a final decision. Then you can go to the shop with the color chart and buy the appropriate wall color.

Farbtafel wall paints - a color pen comes to the rescue

color panel wall paint walls paint wall design color ideas

Select a vibrant color palette

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 Each wall color in the blackboard has an individual number 

colorful paint panel wall colors ideas wall decoration benjamin moore trend colors

 Alpina wall paints - color chart

color panel wall paint walls paint wall design alpina color spring

 Trendarben 2014

inspirational color chart wall paint walls painting benjamin moore colors

Cold shades

Inspirational paint panel wall paint walls paint benjamin moore colors

 Gray-blue color palette

Combinations of wall colors eclectic wood

Creative wall design in blue

dove dove blue wall pattern wall design ideas

Color Board Wall Paint - Repaint your walls

color panel wall paint walls paint wall decor ideas

 Try with different colors

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 Accent wall in green

color design ideas fresh pastel colors mint green wall paint green

What green shade do you want in the room?

wall paint olive green paint palette green olive green

Living room color design

Color ideas for walls wall design Living room bold

 Color table as wall decoration

blackboard wall color dining room color design dining table with chairs wall decor

The current color palette by Benjamin Moore

color chart turquoise mint green wall colors ideas benjamin moore trend colors

color table green wall colors earth colors benjamin moore colors

color table yellow green wall colors ideas benjamin moore colors

color chart wall paint orange color palette benjamin moore trend colors

paint board wall paint yellow orange walls paint benjamin moore colors

Yellow wall paint in the living area

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Wall design with shades of brown

walls paint blackboard wall paint brown beige palette benjamin moore

 Brown in the dining room

wall colors bronzes dining room classic

 Tender shades in pink and purple

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Pink wall paint

Pink wall paint dining room wall decor with color white pink wood

Geometric pattern in color

Pastel wall colors palette color scheme cute pink gray

Gray is a neutral wall color

Wall color in shades of gray color design modern dining table chairs

Unusual color ideas

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