Bedroom color ideas

color design bedroom bold colors red wall paint wall panels

Which colors fit in the bedroom?

When it comes to the bedroom design, we attach particular importance to the color palette. It is no coincidence that we are so intensively occupied with color design and wall colors, because colors have a strong effect on the complete perception of space. Used skilfully, certain shades can transform your bedroom into a true feel-good room.

On the question, however, which colors in the bedroom best fit, one can not answer clearly. Of course, your own preferences are also decisive in terms of bedroom colors. Use your favorite colors and create a private retreat just for yourself.

Our tip is: Match your wishes to the basic rules of color design, draw inspiration and be open to new ideas and color combinations. Underneath we have created a picture gallery that presents interesting and some very daring examples. A look at that can help you and bring you fresh ideas. Scroll down and take a look at our bedroom color ideas!

Inspiring bedroom color ideas for a moody atmosphere

color scheme bedroom colors yellow wall paint nightstand turquoise blue

Color the wall paint and bedspread

color design bedroom colors turquoise blue wall paint wall decor

 Mix different patterns and shades

color design bedroom creative color ideas blue wall paint bed headboard

 Just paint one wall in warm, energetic red

color scheme bedroom colors red wall color bedspread warmth of comfort

 Subtle color accents on a white background

color design bedroom colors red color accents wall paint white dot pattern

 Neutral (gray, white) combine with strong colors (red, pink)

color design bedroom fashion bed wall design

 Stripe pattern as an eye-catcher

bedroom ideas bedding stripe pattern gray white wall panels white

Bedpost in a tender shade

bedroom decorate paint wall paint white bedpost mint green ottoman

 Use your favorite color as wall paint

bedroom fashion colors children's room gold color salmon red wall paint

 Creativity is in demand - build bed headboard yourself

bedroom fashion colors creative craft ideas bed diy headboard

 Carpet and curtains in pink

furnishing ideas bedroom curtains colors pink silver seat cushions

Combine two contrasting wall colors - black and green

color scheme bedroom colors wall paint olive green bedding green yellow

wall-Striped pattern in the classic color combination black and white

  Coloring bedroom colors black white stripe pattern

Elegant bedroom furniture in black and wall paint in sky blue

bedroom fashion paint blue wall paint bedpost black

 In addition to green, light blue is a relaxing color that is perfect for the bedroom

bedroom colors pastel colors yellow mural wall paint dove blue

Creative wall design

bedroom color schemes wall design blue bedspread brown tones

Colorful patchwork ideas

color design bedroom colors wall paint turquoise blue bedding colorful patchwork

A rush of colors in the children's bedroom

color scheme bedroom nursery colors yellow turquoise blue wall paint

 Purple and creamy relax and provide romance

color scheme bedroom color pastel colors purple wall paint wall decor

Like floating on clouds

bedroom colors old rose purple gray wall paint bedspread bedding

Design the bedroom ceiling - do not neglect the ceiling color!

bedroom color schemes gray wall paint bedspread old pink purple cover color stripe pattern

Use warm colors like orange and mustard yellow

color scheme bedrooms bold colors red blue yellow

Diamond pattern on the wall in orange and wood color warms up the atmosphere

color design ideas bedroom bold colors geometric pattern wall design

Earthy colors have a calming effect

color scheme bedroom beige brown neutral colors upholstered bed brown

Neutral, but definitely not boring

color scheme bedroom beige gray neutral earthy colors upholstered bed

Classic, elegant and noble

color scheme bedroom beige white neutral colors upholstered bed headboard

Bright and refreshing as spring

color scheme bedroom bright colors beige wall paint green white yellow

The natural wood color provides harmony and warmth and can be combined with your desired color

color ideas bedroom in Asian style wall paint yellow-green bedspread wood wardrobe

Pigeon blue as background and yellow as accent color

color scheme bedroom pastel colors yellow armchair mural wall paint dove blue

Delicate pastel colors for cuddly hours

color scheme bedroom pastel colors yellow wall paint trosa accents

Trend colors and patterns in use

color design bedroom trend colors benjamin moore

Gray and turquoise with black and white

color scheme bedroom turquoise gray pattern bedding

Gentle, restrained shades that say "good night"

color design bedroom wall paint gray neutral colors carpet

Bedroom wall in royal blue

color design bedroom wall shape wall paint royal blue sconces

Like in heaven

color ideas bedroom furniture bed bedpost ceiling color blue sky blue light green white

The special zebra pattern

color ideas bedroom furniture bed white bedding zebra pattern blue

Traditional and modern combine

color ideas bedroom furniture colored bed woodpost faltrollos sofa

  The peace and quiet of the country house style

Country style bedroom colors rustic furnishings bedding