Wall colors living room – which colors are shortlisted?

wall colors living room paint wall paint

Choose the right wall paint for your living room


Which wall color would you prefer for your living room? Do you want something that will impress people? Because the exact majority of guests come to the living room, right?

Currently, blue and green are currently in all their possible nuances.

Profit from it! Because these colors make the room seem more peaceful and harmonious, they also make it more attractive to your guests.

Wall colors living room - fresh color ideas

wall colors living room light green wall design ideas color ideas

The summer is over now. But his warm mood could you by a suitable color selection also for the most part in the interior design.

Warm wall colors for more cosiness in the living room

wall colors living room warm color scheme yellow living room sofa green

Hm, the choice of colors for the living room seems pretty big, right? How should one then decide? Specialists say you should experiment with the different nuances. Apply to small surfaces everything that comes to mind. If this works well, you can do more with it.

Color Selection - Tricks and Tips

wall paint living room select sample pink colors bright colors

You should also look at the colors of your clothes and furniture at home. Which nuances do these wear? If you chose them, they please you. Put them on the wall and see how they work. This is also a very clever way to choose the right color for the living room or for another room.

Matching shades

wall colors living room warm color scheme orange yellow

 Harmony and freshness

wall colors living room green wall design ideas wall decor color design

Do you feel the effort or the risk of completely converting the living room is too great? If this is the case, then you could do something different. For the first time you could experiment with colors on certain details in the living room. Why do not you paint the windowsills or frames first? So you could also afford to be really bold.

If you choose the colors for the living room in such a way, you can really afford something. You could choose shades that are really hot.

Yellow shade

wall colors living room warm color pastel colors yellow

 Energetic red

wall colors living room warm color red accent wall

For example, try something really romantic. Consider pink in combination with chestnut. Or attach them alone. Or what do you think of yellow and gray? This is also a variant that is very attractive and currently very popular.

Rosa - the most tender wall paint

wall colors living room pink tender color scheme

 A daring color combination

wall colors living room pink green daring color design

Follow the current color trends

wall colors living room purpur violet trend color 2014 antique furniture

The pastel color purple as a living room wall paint

wall colors living room purple violet trend color 2014 furnishing ideas

Neutral shades - beige

wall colors living room beige brown color scheme

Yellow-gray as a striped pattern

wall colors living room color scheme pastel colors yellow gray

Gray as a background color

wall colors living room gray blue living room furniture

Design colored living room wall

wall colors living room gray wall design tv living wall shape

Two-colored wall design

             wall colors living room green blue color mixing purple sofa