Wall color turquoise for a modern home

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Wall color turquoise for a modern home

Blue is one of the most popular interior colors. You can hardly deny that. But the nuances and the way you use them make a big difference.

Turquoise as a wall paint could prove to be the brilliant idea for your own redesign at home.

Do you agree? If yes, then read on!

Cyan color and other blue nuances and their role in interior design

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Wall color turquoise actually represents one of the most universal and most liked solutions in interior design. They fit wonderfully to the nautical themes in summer, as well as the wintry mood. In addition, you feel safe and secure. But if you overdo it, your apartment may feel too cold. That's why you have to be very careful when choosing the wall color.

Wall color turquoise and the combination with many other nuances

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By combining the wall color turquoise and other nuances very different messages come about. Classically, something is the mating between this blue nuance and white. This is a small but highly respected departure from the purely nautical idea.

In the wall colors you can combine turquoise wonderfully with red. With yellow you can also achieve a great effect. Not many people are aware that you can mate the turquoise wall paint wonderfully with pink and orange. Do you want floral patterns? Wall color turquoise is a good background to the fact that you can hardly imagine anything better.

Wall color turquoise for the nursery

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Yes, it is also fine. But you have to be very careful that this is not too overwhelming. By the way, you could avoid that by choosing a pastel version. This looks much gentler and even more relaxed and neutral.

If it's the nursery of a boy, you could wonderfully combine the turquoise wall paint with a pirate theme or with nautical accents. Fairy-tale elements and even pink and yellow are wonderful for the girls.

Deco wall paint turquoise

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Sometimes the wall color in turquoise does not look very good, because when choosing the decoration something can easily go wrong. Take care that this is not the case with you. In the kitchen you should distribute corresponding accessories especially in the form of textiles. It looks good when paired with a lighter shade or pastel shades on the kitchen cabinets.

Furnish the whole room or an accent wall in turquoise color?

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Honestly we would say in the Tükrise - wall paint, that one should only bet on the second option. Turquoise turns into a wonderful accent color. As this nuance spreads throughout the room, it becomes too overwhelming and even bleak. Such a room will appear too dark and narrowed. Exceptions in which one executes an entire room in turquoise are there, but they are rare. On the other hand, the turquoise wall paint could wonderfully accentuate one or the other spot in the room.

Do you like this idea as well as us?

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color scheme turquoise beautiful living pale

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