80 garden design suggestions – Simple but successful design of the garden

Tips for beautiful garden design without much effort

If you have a large garden, and yet dare not start with its design, then today's article is just right for you! If you look at some photo examples, everything looks so perfect! In most cases that means a lot of gardening, a lot of effort and some spending money. That's right, but it's not always as complicated as you think you can achieve excellent garden results.

Gardening with plants is a real paradise in fine weather

gardening outdoor area ideas flowers

What does the beautiful garden represent?

What makes a garden beautiful? Actually, there are no strict rules for it. You need to know the garden area well to avoid any major mistakes. For the shady areas you need appropriate plants, for the stony soil - those with short roots, etc.

The rules for the Landscaping serve as it were to avoid major mistakes. Once you know them well and keep them in mind, you can do next to nothing wrong. You can leave room for your creativity and the realization of your own dream ideas.

Garden design with large plant containers

gardening garden plants plant pots lawn

Cool garden idea with bridge

gardening small bridge for a walk

Combine different plants and create a fresh exterior

garden design garden path plants flowerbeds garden figures

Create a consistent picture of the house and garden!

The Landscaping should by no means be an end in itself. It must be considered as an integral part of the home design. Harmony can be achieved by ensuring a seamless transition between inside and outside. This goes through the harmony of shapes and colors, as well as the transparency of the materials used.

Interior should gradually turn into outdoor area

gardening flowerbeds entrance decorate lawn

Integrate garden lights into the landscape in an attractive way

gardening ideas garden lights flowers garden stairs

Know the nature of the plants to learn well before you use them

The plants have very different character. They are living things and therefore are not subject to complete control. Some varieties grow very fast and fast. No clipping helps you to keep it under control. Others have the ability to spread quickly. At some point you have them everywhere in the garden and can not possibly stop the process. Other species love partial shade, shade or sun. Some need moist and some dry earth. The depth of the roots is also important.

Select garden plants that can thrive on the garden area properly

gardening flowers to select suitable garden plants

Design the garden path

gardening ideas garden path flowers bushes

Decorate the outdoor area with petunias

gardening ideas colored flowers stones hanging flower

Embellish the outdoor area with plants and garden figures

gardening relax garden plants garden decor

Make a plan of your terrain and then a list of the plants you want to have there. Evaluate the latter according to the criteria just listed. Only then will you decide if and where you are planting them exactly.

Modern and stylish garden design with fireplace

gardening ideas hearth garden furniture stones

Bring momentum into the Landscaping on

The plants offer a great variety of textures and heights. It's just too bad not to profit from it. Maintain plants in different shapes and colors and enjoy the visual variety that comes with them.

Shrubs are a stylish garden décor

gardening bushes color gardening ideas

Beautiful flowers bring joy in the garden

gardening garden plants colored gardening ideas

Great waterfall makes the ridges appear in an attractive way

gardening big garden waterfall stones walk

Make sure you have a pleasant stay

At the end of the day, do not forget that the Landscaping intended for humans. You have to move here, sit comfortably and relax. Great garden paths and small sitting areas are a wonderful prerequisite to achieve this.

Create a cozy sitting area in the ridges

gardening small pond garden plants garden furniture

A cool recreation area gives you the opportunity to enjoy pleasant conversation

gardening relax plants armchairs garden ideas

A hammock in the garden is a real treat

gardening ideas recreation gardening ideas

Enjoy wonderful moments outdoors

gardening garden planting walks

Just go for a walk in the garden and ask other people to do the same. See, where do you like to go, where do you like to sit, where do you imagine a dinner? Try for a while to sit in those places with hinged furniture. Find out exactly what's right for you and what's wrong. Only then do you equip the garden with permanent solutions!

Funny ideas for the outdoors

gardening garden lunch to have a rest

Create a beautiful exterior where you can go for endless walks

gardening backyard shape white fence plants walking for a walk

The right garden furniture creates a nice atmosphere

gardening lawn plants garden furniture

Green and orange look great in combination with each other in the garden

garden ideas orange garden cushions garden furniture stones flooring

Organize an outdoor dinner

garden design garden furniture green pleasant lunch

Illuminate the garden with fairy lights

garden ideas backyard garden furniture plants light chains

We wish you many great summer hours in the garden!

To enhance the brick facade with suitable plants

gardening ideas garden plants stones house facade brick

A spacious garden presents the possibility to organize different parties outside

gardening lawn garden plants bench

Stylish rock garden design

gardening garden stones gravel lawn

Decorating ideas for the modern garden

landscaping garden paths stones backyard spacious

Make the garden path more exciting ...

garden design garden path garden plants potted plants house facade

Embellish the garden stairs with flowers

garden design colored garden ideas garden stairs stone

Secrete an extra area with a hammock

garden ideas hammock garden ideas garden plants

Decorate the garden fence

garden design backyard fashion flowerbeds garden fence

Create a garden with a natural look

gardening ideas lawn stones flowers

Beautiful flowerbeds frame

gardening small garden flowerbeds

Little garden ideas

gardening small garden garden furniture plants white house facade

Enjoy impressive results with little gardening

gardening mulch gardening lawn bushes

Creative idea with wine barrel

gardening wine barrel garden decoration ideas plant

Garden ideas for the large garden

gardening garden glow gravel garden stairs

To enjoy the stay in the garden also at night

gardening garden lights garden path plants

A sea of ​​plants only elicits positive emotions

gardening garden color fresh

gardening garden plants select arrange stones flowerbeds

gardening ideas outdoor kitchen fireplace lighting

gardening ideas areas hearth waterfall

gardening ideas flowers garden lights stones house facade

Gardening Ideas Fireplace Chair Planting

gardening ideas garden flooring planting flower pots

gardening ideas gardening flowers garden fence

gardening ideas garden ideas modern garden plants garden stairs

garden ideas garden furniture plants garden coverings

garden ideas garden furniture plants small garden ideas

garden ideas garden furniture lawn steinweg

garden ideas garden plants colored water garden decor

garden ideas garden stairs colored

gardening garden stairs grass plants

garden ideas garden stairs plants stones

gardening garden beautify plants backyard

garden ideas backyard garden furniture plants

garden ideas backyard fashion lawn garden furniture

garden ideas backyard plants gertenleuchten

garden ideas pebbles decoys garden

garden ideas gravel garden furniture plants

garden ideas modern garden plants recreation area

design garden lawns relaxation area

garden ideas lawn garden furniture plants

garden ideas lawn planting deco ideas garden

garden ideas lawn stones plant container garden furniture

gardening stones stones flooring planting

garden ideas stones garden deco wooden garden fence

garden ideas stones plants garden garden design

garden design gravel fire pit garden chairs lawn

garden ideas stones lawns outdoor kitchen

garden ideas garden landscap garden garden furniture

garden design fireplace hearth garden furniture garden areas

garden design fire pit garden furniture plants

garden design fireplace fireplace outdoor kitchen

garden design hearth stone path garden path garden lights

garden design garden ideas dining area hearth

garden design garden furniture plants garden coverings

garden design ikea table chairs plant modern garden

garden design black garden furniture flowers plant