Garden design with gravel and stones – 25 garden ideas for you

Garden design with gravel and stones planting flowerpots

Beautiful, smart solutions for your garden and landscaping

The lawns are so overrated and overrated. It consumes too much water to keep it green and fresh. They also need constant maintenance and care to look beautiful and attractive. Today, gardeners are increasingly considering the benefits of gravel instead of grass as a garden flooring.

It does not quite prove to be a landscape material, but it is easy to maintain and reasonably priced. Here we present some garden ideas for you Garden design with gravel and stones, which are intended to make your choice easier. Scrap is a good alternative for planted areas. However, it annoys us to bolt the gravel here and there when it serves as a floor covering. It seems to be a suitable solution to use the gravel as the main material for the land area.

Do you also plan a landscaping with gravel? Or have you already done this? Let us know your experience by leaving a comment below.

Garden design with gravel and stones

american design landscape garden design with gravel and stones

Cute outdoor recreation area

relax garden seating table chairs furniture set gravel

Fire pit and sitting area in the backyard

hearth pebbles stones wood plants behind yard

Colorful flowers - flowerbeds on both sides of the footpath

hearth pebbles stones lanterns blossoms spring

Cleverly plan and design the garden

footpath garden plates concrete round pebble frame wood plants

Well maintained garden design

footpath garden shrubs trees gravel garden landscaping with gravel and stones

Rustic design - contemporary accent adds here the red chair

garden shape gravel stones cut shrub chair

Pebbles and stones

garden shape gravel stones sunlight garden design with gravel and stones

Artful ambience

Garden landscaping with gravel and stones trees footpath backyard

  Decorations and garden ideas for you

Garden design with gravel and stones deco hol rope bridge

Exotic touch add the palms here

Garden design with gravel stones pergola mettal flowerbed

Rattan sun loungers

Gardening gravel stones rattan lie pillows

Delicate garden roses

Gardening gravel stones roses planks buckle footpath

Steps made of stone

Gardening gravel stones stones stepping plants

Weatherproof succulents on the gravel

Garden weatherproof planting design with gravel and stones

Order and beauty in the front yard

garden art shrub concrete planters fence wall

Lush plant species

pebble garden landscaping house planting

Rattan baskets and clay pots

gravel stones clay deco garden figurines rattan flowersConcrete circles of various sizes

art garden round plates stone gravel landscaping

Hanging garden lanterns

lanterns footpath garden pebble grass garden landscaping

Maintain the garden

rustic rural gardening pebble stones gardener

Garden furniture set of rattan

front garden rattan outdoor furniture set facade

Drought-resistant plant species on the gravel surface

weatherproof evergreen plants idea design gravel garden