Design your own garden is not that complicated!

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Formulate your resolutions correctly in order to design your own garden!

The new year's resolutions do not all have to be defined on New Year's Eve. For some, you could take a little more time. For gardening, for example. Because their intense phase begins now. What exactly do you want to achieve this year?

To really succeed in designing your garden, you should first ask the right questions. Below you can see what they would be, in our opinion.

A beautiful garden design is that!

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Do you want to grow vegetables?

If you have a family home of the usual kind with its own yard, you could easily plant vegetables there that will last for your entire family. But even on a small terrace or on the balcony this could work wonderfully.

A typical design of the vegetable garden

vegetable garden garden ideas courtyard

Grow the garden

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Tomatoes, peppers, salads, beans and other products could grow successfully in your home. So if yours garden even shape, It would be quite realistic to find a corner for such kind of plants.

Grow pepper in your own garden

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Pea, bean and mint in the garden

mint bean pea grow garden framing

Grow tomatoes in the courtyard

tomatoes garden plants horticulture garden design

Vegetables in wooden boxes

vegetable garden design horticulture garden design

Do you want to have spices?

Inside the kitchen or other interiors you can also set up a vertical garden with spices and vegetables. Would you like to? So you would spice up the atmosphere by great rumors. You could make great teas, salads and soups with it. You will definitely live healthier if you have the spices in your home garden.

Would a compost be suitable for you?

If you have compost garbage, this provides many different benefits. You will be able to reuse green materials from your garden. You will have a natural fertilizer. It's worth the effort, right?

Would you like to turn the garden you design into a personalized living space?

If so, you would need to use a bit more designer skills and knowledge. Create a seating area, lay out a hammock, make a small or larger Zen garden or add Buddhist elements. Or just make room to sit by your taste or make room for your hobbies. If necessary, create a clearly defined private area where you can enjoy everything in peace.

For a wonderful rest in the garden

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Do you perhaps want to design a long-term plan, after which you can design your own garden?

After all, you might want to have green arcades, living fences, perennial vegetables and large trees in the garden! It will not work in a year, but at some point you have to start with it. The sooner the better, the rule of thumb is. Also, it is best to have a good plan, because you should do something every season, every month, to make the long-term goals come true.

Garden design with pergola

garden design pergola garden table

Do you want to continue to motivate yourself through great experience?

Why use time and energy in garden projects when it's not fun? Do not wait for the big successes to do this. Go out there as often as possible and enjoy the beautiful moments. Take in all the moments of garden design. If you remember exactly how it all started and developed, then you will be very happy with the results.

Elegant courtyard design

beautiful garden shape fountain green lawn

Make the garden look stylish

beautiful garden design exterior ideas

Vegetables on a large surface

garden design horticulture plant vegetable

Take care of the garden

garden landscaping vegetable horticulture

Garden design with greenery

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