Children’s room for boys – colorful interior design ideas

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How can you design a dream room for your little boy


We on Fresh Ideas love to write about children's rooms and designing such. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, in these, the most modern tendencies and achievements of the interior design are adapted to the needs of the little ones.

So you can draw lots of ideas for living, from which you can also learn for other designs.

Furthermore one manages thus to help the parents with the child education. Because not the words, but the role models in the form of behavior, but also of the living ambience are this, can really shape the thinking.

Colors play a very important role. They influence the mood of the people, their attitude, their activity. The following example is about colors, which we would like to introduce to you. Are you ready?

Colored children's room for boys

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They wanted to sleep in this case, a real nursery. But it is after all a boy and you want to use the device for many years. That's why designers and parents agreed on one thing: the whole thing should not look too infantile.

The area of ​​the nursery that had to be set up was 16 square meters. Two colors have been placed in the center of the concept. These reflect the passions of the young through their character.

Mainly they were introduced through the wall wallpaper. The decorative and other pillows then complete the whole.

Sleeping area and wall decoration

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In the case of the work stitch of the little one has opted for radiant shiny surfaces. We find the solution particularly bold with the drawers painted in blue.

On the wall you have also ensured by the asymmetrical unit for a more playful mood. It has also thought of the security: The boxes have a bottom edge. Through this one avoids that books or other objects fall down.

Open wall shelf for books and toys

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The topics chosen are motor races and music. Above all, the first one has been consistently executed in all accessories. On the whole, art appears rather as an interesting accent.

Cot for boys in boat form

children's room for boys bed boat furnishing ideas

Colored wall decoration decoration ideas

children's room for boys bed colored wall design aircraft dresser

Minimalist interior design ideas for children's rooms

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Toys as decoration

children's room for boys bed simple minimalist toys

The sports theme is a great source of inspiration

children's room for boys bed wall shelves wall design sports youth room

 Bed linen with thematic fabric pattern

nursery design boy bed bedding fabric pattern deco ideas

Creative wall design with children's drawings

children's room design boy wall design ideas children's drawings

Color palette blue-green

kids room for boys bed wall design elephants

Practical wall shelf to make your own

kids room for boys bed wall design shelf bed wooden floor runners

Cot with storage space and throw pillows

      childrens room design boy bed with bin linens

Nursery for boys in black and white

   childrens room design boy wall design ideas black white