Cool living tips for living room decoration

Cool Living Tips Living Room Decoration green leather armchair table lamps cushion

Choose colors

To decorate a room is the same as preparing the food: you need quality ingredients for the base and a proper taste to make the whole thing unforgettable. In your living room or in any room in the apartment, the durable furniture is the subtle layout, while the colors and textures add the aftertaste.

Before the redesign, this living room was adequate but boring. The designer Elaine Griffin has placed the sofa in front of the longest window, which actually facilitates the flow of traffic.

Useful ideas for living room decoration

Cool Living Tips Living Room Decoration curtains wall table lamp red

Master the art of symmetry to create a perfect, perfect look in the room. There are wall plates on both sides of the window and similar side tables and lamps, which are adjacent to the couch. The accessories serve as '' visual boundaries '', making the elegantly upholstered sofa and windows striking.

Endless and Trendy

Cool Living Tips Living Room Decoration fabric cover sofa cushion

Choose the furniture that is always up-to-date and add attractive accents that are now trendy and modern. Styles and trends change, while a traditional sofa, chair or dining table combine with different details, accessories and textures.
In the picture we see a sofa with fabric cover with many colorful throw pillows arranged. Later, these pillows could be offset by other, very different. A clever mix of shapes and sizes offers individuality and contemporaneity.
If you want to use a great variety of colors, choose only one type or layout such as - decoration with gemstones, pastel colors or as shown here - bold bright color nuances.

Combine different patterns

Cool Living Tips Living Room Decoration pattern rich ornaments pillow

The patterned textures beautify the ambience and create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Aside from what types of patterns you combine - from traditional stripes to floral to geometric designs and motifs - there are some basic considerations. Mix large, medium and small patterns, they look very nice. Find patterns that best match the color scheme in the room. The patterned throw pillows and curtains are a wonderful start, because they can determine the additional textures patterns in the room.

Coffee table equipped with lower shelf

Cool living tips living room decoration coffee table shelves

When choosing living room furniture, pay attention to their function and be brave when combining. This coffee table has a sub-shelf where you can store books, while the side table is simply decorative and modern.

Of course, the living room is a space where you can rest and relax. Select such ways to transform the function into form.

 Bright pastel colors - delicate, pale wall paintCool Living Tips Living Room Decoration Curtains Paintings WallBold, saturated textures in the living room  Cool-living tips living room Decoration painting armchair-sofa-leather-bunt Metallic stool painted in green serves as a side table Cool living tips Living room decoration stool painted green White simple side table decorated with colorful accents Cool living tips Living room decoration side table shapes vases

Open wall shelves in yellow - house library

Cool Living Tips Living Room Decoration shelves yellow books

Serve not only in the dining area

Cool Living Tips Living Room Decoration Serving Boards Floral Vase Books Decorate the walls with paintings Cool Living Tips Living Room Decoration Table Lamp White Lampshade