Tree trunk decoration by artist Alison Moritsugu

tree trunk deko contemporary art alison moritsugu

Opt for a natural tree trunk deco


Sustainability and environmental awareness is a big issue these days and we would like to inspire you for a nature-conscious life. DIY deco ideas made of natural materials inspire our imagination and we always share our enthusiasm with you.

Today it's back to tree trunks and logs, but this time we will not be building tree-trunk coffee tables or realizing other DIY projects. We will simply admire the works of the artist Alison Moritsugu. It creates impressive decorative items made of natural wood. More precisely, she paints tree trunks and wooden blocks with vivid landscapes. The most important thing is that their art is not associated with any tree felling. Alison Moritsugu uses only trees that have died naturally.

 Alison Moritsugu creates works of art from tree trunks and blocks of wood

tree trunk deco contemporary decoration ideas alison moritsugu

Wooden blocks are turned into works of art

tree trunk deko contemporary art alison moritsugu painted wooden blocks

The artworks of Alison Moritsugu are influenced by landscape painting in the 18th and 19th centuries. Artists like Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Edwin Church have inspired the young contemporary artist.

Tree trunk decoration

tree trunk deko contemporary art artist alison moritsugu

The landscape painting collection on logs has called Alison Moritsugu "Long Series". Take a look at this and other projects of the artist on her homepage.

Oil on canvas is today oil on wood

tree trunk deko contemporary art painted wood blocks alison moritsugu

An impressive oil painting


tree trunk alison moritsugu sustainable wall decoration ideas wooden block

Wilderness / Wilderness is called this tree trunk decoration

tree trunk deco wooden block wall decoration ideas alison moritsugu

Back to nature - detail

tree trunk decoration artist alison moritsugu painted wooden blocks

Oval Landscape I

tree trunk deco sustainable decoration ideas alison moritsugu

The Virginal Spring

tree trunk deco sustainable contemporary art alison moritsugu