Organic Architecture – Nature and Sculptural Features

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Organic architecture, unlike many other styles, is almost an independent philosophy

This is based on the perfect harmony between nature and man.

Organic architecture must be part of man's inner life every day. At the same time, it has to be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding natural landscape.

It is difficult to define this type of classical or modern architecture without comparison to biological organisms. Each element represents its own object with its own life structure. It follows its own laws and at the same time fulfills many functions.

Organic architecture

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Frank Lloyd Wright is considered the founder of this direction in architecture. His first work of this kind is the Robbie House, which was built in 1908. It is located in Chicago.

One of his other fascinating works is the Fallingwater House in Pennsylvania

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 Here you can see how he realizes in practice the following principle: The house must look as if it grows from the earth.

Above all, one tries to use materials that can be applied with little additional processing. One does not try to hide their original appearance and structure, but on the contrary: to make them even more effective. There is no big difference in what it is. This principle is equally applied to cast iron, stone, wood and concrete.

Right is very strict about his principles in architecture

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The first of these is minimalism. Furthermore, you strive for simplicity in every detail. Minimize the number of rooms in the house to the minimum. One room goes almost unnoticed and seamlessly into another, creating a harmonious whole. Right, we owe the idea of ​​the kitchen with a lot of free plan.

Authentic appearance

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One takes the decoration of the building like technical equipment true. This is especially true for the applied shades, as well as for the amount of materials used and the accessories in this architecture. You reduce them as much as possible and leave more room for glass surfaces and space inside.

Large canopy as part of the architecture

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Last but not least, it should be mentioned that Right insists that the house is completely built over the earth. That includes his basics.

We on Freshideen find the history of style fascinating

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We also believe that understanding the principles will help all the more to create a harmonious home. Do you feel the same way? Do you recognize a benefit for your home design and for modern architecture as such from the better knowledge of the principles of Frank Llord Right?

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Abstract shapes and striking appearance

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