10 breathtaking ideas for your swimming pool

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Sitting at the swimming pool

Winter is currently in one of its coldest periods and most of us have thick jackets and coats, scarves and everything else that goes with them. So few now think about swimming.

But the summer will come faster than you think and if you have a villa or a larger house, you will definitely want to enjoy the free time there, also thanks to a swimming pool.

This is a big investment, which should look good in the end. That's why it's not too early to think about it.

Do you want to have some new ideas? We have 10 for you and they all come from the company C.O.S. Design from Mebourne. One will find here both a clever mixture of materials and the very intelligent solution of the spatial question. That is how these gorgeous ideas for outdoor areas with a swimming pool were designed. Let's take a virtual tour and imagine floating yourself carefree.

Ideas for your swimming pool

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Entry and exit areas can be a good place for clever design elements. Remember the steps in the water here? On the left there are two such under a wider plane that looks to the interior. This area is longer and extends to the farthest corner of the swimming pool. Thus, a series of underwater benches, on which one can rest wonderfully. They facilitate climbing up and down from or into the swimming pool.

Limited area

pool ideas garden flooring wood

There is an intimate atmosphere in this swimming pool. This makes it even more inviting. However, this only succeeds when a single path leads into the water. The dense shrubs represent a kind of border and determine the space as a kind of outdoor area.

Furthermore, you can see here a shower, which stands out strongly in front of the contrasting painted back wall. Their nuances reflect in the fountain in the middle of the swimming pool.

The remaining pool tiles allow the water to absorb the surrounding aqua color with which the pools are associated.


Swimming pool garden plant grass partition lighting

Many cleverly placed elements in this landscape complement the simplicity of the long and narrow swimming pool. At the far end you can see a bank that looks like a sculpture. It stands in stark contrast to the swimming pool and serves as a hub. She breaks the monotonous appearance of the wall.

It also has a non-covered pavilion and it serves as a rebuilt spot by the burning sun next to the almost invisible security fence.

You have placed a plant container in the front area. This rises above the water and holds a long and narrow bed for algavas, which decorate the corner of the pool.

It has a fountain, which is located on the central axis of the house and the pool.

You can see another staggered sculpture on the left side of the picture. It is in line with the fountains and emphasizes the theme.

The scenes

Pool pool ideas garden plants rattan furniture

The water is what interests the viewer, but the accent block shapes in the background contribute to it. They bring out the luminosity of the swimming pool even more. These shapes also make for a place that is even more interesting. Note the captivating visual balance achieved between the different characters. The swimming pool itself shows a very simple form.

Overlayed elements

Pool pool ideas garden acrylic chairs red

The overlapping plans and architecture combine the three essential elements of the space - the house, the water and the swimming pool. The idea was transmitted through the wooden platform. One has the feeling that it floats above the water at the farthest edge of the swimming pool.

The overhang of the swimming pool house creates a visual connection to the spa area located on the other side.

At the same time he provides shade on the whole porch.

Lines in the design of swimming pools

Pool pool ideas garden glass walls sliding doors

The elements of the swimming pool here reflect the contemporary elements of modern house architecture. The details emphasize the horizontal lines of the ceiling. She seems to float above the pool. The lines provide a visual overflow from one area to another, helping to make the pool itself appear longer.


Pool pool ideas garden rattan pads

The lighting adds another essential dimension to the room. The swimming pools get an even more interesting appearance, because the water is so beautiful in the exposed state. After all, you spend much more time looking at the swimming pool than swimming in it. On the beautiful summer evenings you will really appreciate this effect.

Not only is there plenty of light in the swimming pool, but also the surroundings are generously illuminated. It has brought some plants and colors particularly strong effect.


Pool ideas garden trees decorative palm trees

There are usually two main reasons why you insert an axis in the design of the swimming pool. On the one hand, it may be a found structure, and sometimes this is a well-functioning method of connecting to the surrounding landscape.

Some steps lead from the veranda to the swimming pool. It creates a wonderful axis of rotation to the house. The shape of the porch on the other side of the swimming pool has been reproduced.

This approach has emphasized the connection to nature.

Mixed materials

Pool pool ideas garden stone spring water

The particular character of this swimming pool is determined by a mixture of materials that are blocked in the corners. This is an example of success that should not be taken for granted.

The mixture has succeeded only if their position and form make sense with regard to the general structure.

The white-clad walls serve as an extension and a background to the water. Stone beds also accentuated the edges of the swimming pool. The plant containers on the right next to the end grow out of the water. They were made of the same material as the swimming pool. There you have housed more plants.

Three dimensions

Pool pool ideas garden stone shaping spring water

Often one thinks of the swimming pools as on two dimensioned construction. You're wrong. This wrong impression comes from the fact that one means above all the surface and the form with it. The swimming pools also have depth, as it is understood.

Therefore, it makes sense to transfer elements of the architecture into the design of the swimming bands. This has been successful both in this and in some of the previous examples. The desired feeling of privacy comes to the fore here in this example.

Create a paradise in your garden

swimming pool seats sunny garden aesthetics

You have added wonderful garnet details here. They serve as a dramatic well. Their height contributes greatly to the feeling of private atmosphere. This adds a lot to the more complex visual dimension. Here, just as in one of the examples, the concept of the bank has been applied before. Who would not want to rest in such a place?

Swimming pools are a property of the villas, which are luxurious, stylish, sociable, but also close to nature. They should contribute to the relaxation and restoration of harmony. That's why every aspect is essential here. This is a complicated construction, which, once built, can not be easily reshaped.

Therefore, consider the main principles outlined above, in order to be able to create a true paradise.

Classic, massive garden chairs

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Decorative items fascinated by nature
The current purple color - sunbeds

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Minimalist in gray

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Right place to retreat

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