Spring wedding – deco ideas with spring flowers

wedding in spring flowers bride wreath

Spring wedding - Hold a party full of love and beauty

While it's still snowing outside, spring is already in your soul because you're planning a spring wedding.

Soon the last snowflakes will have melted and nature will wake to new life.

It is the most beautiful time of the year, when the birds are chirping again and the spring flowers smell so beautiful.

Would you like to have a fabulous, magnificent wedding, then plan your wedding celebration in late spring after the Easter holidays, as a church wedding is also possible.

Choose the most beautiful spring flowers for your bridal bouquet

wedding in spring flowers bridal bouquet

Decorating a wedding in the spring sounds easy, because you have many varieties of flowers available, but that's exactly why you are spoiled for choice.

Wedding flowers are the most important deco elements of every wedding. Can you imagine a bride without a bridal bouquet or a festive wedding decoration without fresh flowers?

Spring flowers symbolize the new life that you are starting now. Go to the altar full of hope and love, accompanied by the most beautiful spring flowers. And may its freshness and natural beauty be reflected in your future married life.

Get married in the spring and enjoy the beauty of the first bulbous flowers

wedding flowers yellow wildflowers table decoration

The sunflowers are not spring flowers, but they are an original idea

wedding flowers sunflowers country style deco bouquet

Iris (iris)

These spring flowers are not suitable for your bridal bouquet, but are a perfect match for the wedding table decoration. Blue or yellow, the irises radiate tenderness and hope as if they had good news for you.


Azaleas are often used as decoration in interior design, although they are not houseplants. They have bell-shaped lush flowers and stand for passion, romance and lightness.

Wedding decoration from spring flowers

wedding in spring flowers azaleas


Begonia, still called a crooked leaf, is a flower that will decorate your wedding table magically.

Red begonias - pure passion!

wedding in spring flowers begonia


Gladioli (sword flowers) symbolize the victory.


The Jasmine flower is a sign of true love in India.

 The beautiful white flowers of the Jasmine flower

wedding in spring flowers jasmine

 The beautiful voluminous flowers of the peony roses 

wedding in spring flowers peonies

 White roses with pearls decorate the table

wedding in spring flowers roses white table decoration

 Here are other ideas for wedding decoration

wedding in spring flowers orchid