Floral arrangements and beautiful bouquets refresh the ambience

Floral arrangements and beautiful bouquets artfully

Designer floral arrangements by Mora

Today we would like to acquaint you with the flower arranger Oscar Mora and in part his works. You must be forewarned that some of these are really upscale and expensive.

The reason for this is his advanced course in flower design at the well-known FlowerSchool New York, Manhattan.

There he showed how simple looking and complicated to achieve the good floral arrangements actually are. The pictures of today come exactly from this event.

His instructions have created many great works. These included both large and small elements. In the first case, hydrangeas, peonies and twigs were used. In the second case they were black callas.

Flower arrangements and beautiful bouquets

Flower arrangements and beautiful flower bouquets striking

Oscar Mora is from Caracas, Venezuela. According to his own statements, the first life experiences in this cultural environment have greatly influenced his life and work. He then moved to New York and first became a respected decorator and painter. Then at some point he felt the need to be more organic. So he dedicated his work to flower design.

He has found many things in common with his previous work. Above all, the way in which you apply different layers, he found very similar.

He has experienced many great moments, and met his idols from the show business at many events. So far, his talent has brought him. For example, he likes to remember how he once encountered Martha Stewart in the opera. Another highlight of his career is the meeting with the flower design specialist Christian Tortu. Then he has the so-called everyday triumphs. These are the orders of superstars dar. Among those who have ordered their decoration with him are Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker and Beyonce and Jay-Z.

He describes putting each leaf in a floral arrangement as a kind of meditation.

At the same time, this working process represents a relaxation for the artist Oscar Mora

Flower arrangements and beautiful bouquets designer

Natural garden flowers in yellow and pink

Floral arrangements and beautiful floral bouquets elegant

Cute and fresh on the table

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Variety of flowers

Floral arrangements and beautiful bouquet of garden flowers

Beautiful bouquet of roses

Floral arrangements beautiful bouquets garden roses

Various types of flowers

Floral arrangements lush bouquet of glass flowers

Red tulips arranged nicely

Flower arrangements and beautiful bouquets of wood vases

Striking, delicate flowers

Floral arrangements ceramic bowls beautiful floral bouquets

White and purple lilac

Flower arrangements and beautiful bouquets of purple aroma

Lush bouquets

Floral arrangements and beautiful floral bouquets orange

Purple roses look delicate

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Ikebana art

Flowers beautiful bouquet of red flowers

Snow-white flowers

Flower arrangements and beautiful bouquets white

Saturated flower color

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