Anthroposophical Architecture – The Philosophical Design

Anthroposophical architecture Steiner entrance

The anthroposophical architecture and Rudolf Steiner

Anthroposophical architecture refers to the flow of architecture, which is based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. As a style, anthroposophical architecture is also called organic architecture.

 At the beginning of the twentieth century, architectural trends and new architectural perceptions that were based on the laws of nature appeared simultaneously in different parts of the world.

Rudolf Steiner, Antoni Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright are the names of architects and philosophers who are immediately associated with the term Anthroposophical Architecture.

Rudolf Steiner sought the path of knowledge in all forms of expression

Anthroposophical Architecture Rudolf Steiner

The Goetheanum is the most famous building that reproduces Steiner's theories

Anthroposophical architecture steiner goetheanum from below

The Waldorf anthroposophical education system is responsible for the construction of their schools and kindergartens

Anthroposophic architecture waldorf school eongang

 This architectural flow is not about imitating nature. It is much more about depicting man as a living, evolving being in the process of creation.

Architecture is understood as an expression of society and culture. Anthroposophic architecture complements this claim, adding that the reverse process also plays an important role. This means that the buildings also have an influence on humans and their development. Here, the human being is understood as a physical as well as a psychic and spiritual being.

The Goetheanum II- the symbol Steiner's architecture

Anthroposophical architecture steiner goetheanum

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NAfter the wooden construction of Goetheanum I was burnt down, the second one was rebuilt from reinforced concrete

Anthroposophical architecture geotheanum staircase

Waldorf School and Architecture

Anthroposophical architecture

The Squirrelhaus is a well-known anthroposophical structure

Anthroposophic architecture stone house squirrel

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian publicist and philosopher. Steiner lived and researched between 1861 and 1925. During this time he devotes his entire life to anthroposophy. Rudolf Steiner deals with esotericism, mysticism and a spiritual world view. His knowledge and theories on anthroposophy are taken as a stimulating foundation to enrich areas such as pedagogy (Waldorf education), art (eurythmy) (anthroposophic architecture) and medicine (anthroposophic medicine), agriculture (bio-dynamic agriculture) and religion.

The Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke also has an anthroposophic background

Anthroposophic architecture hospital herdecke

The architecture strives for the living and the organic

Anthroposophical architecture Steiner passage

In the famous Goetheanum you can find this magnificent hall

Anthroposophical architecture steiner goetheanum theater

A Waldorf kindergarten based on anthroposophical principles

Anthroposophical architecture waldorf school

The basic model for this architectural direction is the building Goetheanum I and II in Dornach near Basel. Very good here is the validity of the style in the design of Waldorf schools and kindergartens, theaters and residential buildings. The Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke is an example of a public building in the architectural style of Anthroposophy.

Not only the forms should be organic,

Anthroposophical architecture goetheanum glasshouse

The dynamic nature of man should always be able to reinvent himself

Anthroposophic architecture steiner goetheanum staircase

This architecture does not belong to any time. It is timeless as nature

Anthroposophical architecture steiner goetheanum from inside

In a period of rapid development, innovation, technological advances and economic growth, Anthroposophical architecture is geared to a pleasant living and working atmosphere, and to the experience values ​​where cultural content and spirituality are present.

Waldorf School in typical anthroposophical style

Anthroposophic architecture stone house school

Residential house, elaborately built according to anthroposophic principles

Anthroposophic architecture USA